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Ability to Add Custom Meta Data Fields to Assets

We would like to attach meta data fields beyond tags and categories to include fields such as the date an asset was last requested from one of our websites in order to automate usage trackingAnother example, would be to maintain a list of website URLs where the asset is being called. Due to the nature of that data, we do not want to use categories or tags for this information as this would add data clutter. Ideally, we would use automation scripts to populate this data and be able to view / filter this data via the web UI.  

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  • Dec 10 2018
How will this idea be used?

The ability to populate asset usage and filter this data through the web UI or JSON structure would allow us to easily identify which assets are not being called so we can retire unused assets and maintain our DAM’s integrity. 

Private: Company Name Wiley Education Services
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The impact of implementing this feature into IBM’s WCH would help Wiley Education Services organize, maintain, and audit usage for our partner’s omni-channel campaigns. 

What is your industry? Education
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